We, Asian and American people established this University for the well being of Mankind throughout the World.

Any students from every nook and corner of the world have an admission through online in this university by dint of their working experience to achieve the highest degree certificates to utilize them self in any share of life to uplift them self.

The aim & object of this university is to enable the students those who are unable to continue their study to achieve the higher education due to different reasons such as family struggle, socio economic condition, social environment and some has to shoulder the family burden as eldest of the family. More over most the students and their family is not in a position afford the exorbitant educational expenses in many of the private universities a result their hopes and inspiration to acquire higher education are nipped in the bud.

Besides their losing both the system education such as traditional and practical. The university gives opportunity the working experience, neglected people those who are encouraged equip them self by acquiring such a degree to build God gifted green world and to uplift their society develop the socio economic condition.

This is the only concept of working experience. We hope and believe neglected experience people will achieve the opportunity to admit in such a ultra modern university to acquire the higher degree to equip them self to lead the world ahead.


Michel Carlin
Director of Administration
Asian American University Foundation