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Why Asian American University?
Thousands of students choose Asian American University to get their degrees because

  • The only Fully Accredited university providing degrees on the basis of both Life Experience and Online Equivalency Test.
  • Gives you convenience to pay in simple installments through Flexible Payment Plan with no extra charges.
  • Provides Lifetime Credential Verification Services.

Read the comparison chart to know why students prefer to order from Asian American University

Asian American University Other Universities
01 Grants original degrees printed on traditional degree paper with gold plated seal of the University which identifies it as a degree from a reputed and reliable institution. Provide degrees in form of normal colored printouts without University’s gold plated seal.
02 Convenience to pay in easy-to-make installments with no extra charges. You can start by paying $99 only, and the balance can then be paid within 15 days of paying the initial amount. Click here to learn more about Flexible Payment Plan. Generally not provided, and most of the universities that provide this option charge around $100 or more.
03 Awards you scores for the subjects that fall under your field of study on your transcripts. In other words all the transcripts offered here bear subject-wise scores, which is an important feature of a real and traditional transcript. Do not give scores on transcripts and just state “Pass” which does not clarify the particular subject in which you excel.
04 Only online university to provide flexibility for working adults that they can earn their degrees either on the basis of life/work experience and online equivalency test. Not offered.
05 Holds valid accreditation from reputable accrediting agencies EACOA. These agencies have clearly mentioned on their official websites that Asian American University is fully approved by their evaluation committee. For more details on Asian American University’s accreditation status, click here. Do not state anything about their accreditation status. Even if they do, they do not provide details such as official address or URL or contact address. In some cases where official URLs of accrediting bodies are given, it must be checked whether that agency is mentioning its approval for that institution
06 Only online university to provide complete verification of your credentials on phone when inquired by your employer or educational institution. Not offered. Even if a phone verification system is offered, it must be checked whether it is a human interaction or voice mails and recordings.
07 Delivers complete degree package through FREE express shipping that takes less than 3 days. No extra charges! Not offered. In case of degree delivery option’s availability, it must be checked how much extra money it costs.